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Archives for August 2011

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Dealing With Our Doubts

The ancient Greek the word for doubt means to find yourself ‘between two minds’ about something. What can we do about it?...

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Not Just Any Old Joe!

My heart is broken. I am in Africa and Joe Adams has passed into the glory. I am so sorry to be so far away at such a time as this. The Adamses have been members of our church for several years. They have single-handedly watched over our Fifty-Plusers with love and affection. They have even helped some of them pass over into heaven with great care. Hard to believe, but tru...

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The Wind of God.

As the Armada came around the northern coast of Scotland and met the gales of the Atlantic Ocean, what remained of the great Spanish engine of war was hurled against the rocks or swamped in midocean. No more than half of the Spanish Armada managed to struggle back to Spanish ports in 1589. History interprets the defeat of the Spanish Armada as an English victory. It was no...

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