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Archives for May 2013

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When Tornadoes Hit "The Bible Belt"

This past Monday afternoon as reporters were going from wrecked and havoc-filled block after another they kept running into devout Christians in our wonderful sister state of Oklahoma. I would like to say I am not ashamed to live in a place often referred to as “The Bible Belt.” ...

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Don't Jump the Fence!

Recently the news reported three pastors of, what would be termed, “megachurches” have resigned due to moral failure. You sometimes hear me from the pulpit talking about the feat of some man of God with a follow-up, “…and he was one of my students.”...

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The Ideal Mother

When we use the word “ideal,” many may feel left out, because few would ever catagorize themselves as the ideal of anything. In the first definition of “ideal” the meaning is given: satisfying one's conception of what is perfect....

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