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Last weekend, my wife & I took a group of 27 (including chaperones) to ‪the West Coast Baptist College Youth Conference‬ and it was, in a word, AWESOME...but not just the parts you would think. Yes, Six Flags was thrilling, the games were exhilarating, and it was definitely a life-long memory. But as a youth pastor, what thrilled my heart was to see a group of that many young people respectfully navigating the airport, security, shuttle transportation, and even through other travelers. Then, to watch that same group pay such attention to the preaching of the Word of God (even with an exhausting schedule) that they made life-changing decisions! I cannot begin to express my heartfelt appreciation for all those who made this trip possible, from the parents who trusted us with their teenagers to the chaperones who came thinking because they had to request off from work that it would be a vacation but realizing you have to go home to have one of those :-), but I did think it appropriate to let you know that it did not go unnoticed. Truly, there is no church or group of people I would rather be associated with. We love you!