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His Love

Experience it.


Our desire is for you to experience His Love at Christchurch. From the moment you step on campus, we want to you know the love of God. God’s love is not earned or given in exchange for something else – it’s offered freely. As a matter of fact we believe that when you find God, you will find love, “…for God is love” (I John 4:8).

God’s love is the starting point of a relationship with Him, and we have tried to structure our services with that in mind. In order to help you in your experience, we have greeters and ushers across our campus ready to assist you in finding a seat, a class, or the person who might have invited you. If you simply heard about us by word of mouth or online, we would love for you to visit in person! We understand that you may not want to be recognized on your first visit, and trust us, we've been there! After each service our Pastor greets visitors in a one on one setting in our Fellowship Cafe. We would be honored for you to get to know us better there. 

Maybe you have already experienced His Love, but are still looking for a place to fit in. At Christchurch, we believe that Christ died to not just give you life, but life “…more abundantly” (John 10:10). The way to experience this abundant life is by growing in His Grace.