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His Church

Live it. Share it.


Our desire is for each of our members is to live and share His Church. There are too many fakes and phonies in today’s world. We truly believe that people are looking for something more…something real. At Christchurch you will be regularly challenged to not just attend church, but to be the church. When we reach out and help others that are hurting, we are simply fulfilling our role as the hands and feet of Christ, who is the Head of the body called the church.

We understand that God has gifted everyone uniquely, and one of the ways that our church expresses their individual gifting is through serving others. Our outreach teams share the good news of His Love, while our widow’s assistance teams and Ronald McDonald House teams show His Love to others. From our greeters to our nursery staff, we desire for people to live and share His Church with others. It is our purpose as believers.

Ultimately, we desire everyone to be able to experience: His Love. His Grace. His Church.